About Steel Guitar West

Welcome and thanks so much for visiting! My name is Lynn Stafford and I look forward to helping you. As well as a Steel Guitar Technician, I’m also a pedal steel player with over 30 years of experience doing both. I know what a difference it makes when a pedal steel guitar is set up and adjusted properly, so you can then play at your very best. It makes such a world of difference when a guitar works properly, as it allows you to actually concentrate about what you’re playing rather than trying to play a guitar that’s not quite doing its job! I treat all of my customer’s guitars that I work on as if they were my own and believe me; I’m very particular about my own guitars!

The services I can provide for you include everything from a routine set-up, adjustment and lubrication to a partial or total restoration of your guitar. If you’ve purchased a used pedal steel for example and need the copedent revised, pedals or knee levers added, removed or moved, I can take care of your needs. I work on all brands of pedal steel guitars, whether they are all-pull, such as an older Sho-Bud, a newer Emmons LeGrande or ZumSteel, or an Emmons Original push-pull. I have on-going working relationships with several local professionals, including a Plating company, Polishers, Welders and Machinists. I even have a Luthier, who can provide cabinet repair and lacquer refinishing. All these folks do excellent quality work for me.

As an Authorized Dealer with the Emmons Guitar Company, I can provide sales of new Emmons guitars and parts. Based on my many years of experience working on Emmons guitars, I can also provide the service and repair work mentioned above.

Bruce Zumsteg, builder of ZumSteel guitars, has authorized me to perform service work on ZumSteel guitars.

I typically have one or more pre-owned pedal steel guitars in stock that are for sale. Some of these are listed on my “Guitars Currently For Sale” page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about any guitars in my inventory, or for a quote to provide service or parts. If you’re looking for something special, please let me know, as I’m always in contact with lots of people in the Steel Guitar Community and you just never know what I might turn up for you. I’m always willing to consider trades for my guitars, as well as outright purchases. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please note:

As of August 10th, 2021 my wife and I have finally moved in to our brand new home in Ridgefield, Washington. After first spending some time helping her get us reasonably settled, I now have unpacked what was in storage for about eight months and I have my new workshop organized enough to begin working on guitars again! I’ve been working steadily for the past several weeks getting caught up with the backlog of work I’ve needed to complete, so I’m almost caught up at this point. Please feel free to contact me regarding any large or small projects you have and we can go from there to work out the logistics and timeframe for them.

Thanks to everyone for your patience during my hiatus,


Email:  steelguitarwest@comcast.net

Phone: 503-314-7033

Located in: Ridgefield, WA (near Portland)