Guitars Currently For Sale

Please note: All of the guitars fully described and pictured below have been at a minimum; thoroughly gone over, lubricated and setup for years of dependable, smooth playing. Because all are set up with my standard Emmons copedent, I would not think twice about playing any of them myself on the bandstand. If there were any issues found, they were resolved and of course any worn parts have been replaced. As I’ve mentioned below, I’ll be happy to switch any guitars to Day style, (or your own copedent) at no extra charge (as long as no additional parts are required).


Mid 70’s style “New” black mica Emmons push-pull S-10 3×4

I just finished building this guitar using various parts that I’ve accumulated over the years and several brand new ones.  This is virtually like a new Emmons guitar! All aluminum brightwork was professionally polished, neck jeweled , etc. and the fret board is a new Emmons Factory replacement. The Gotoh keys are new and the legs are standard height. The four knee levers are OEM factory replacements and I had the handles polished along with the rest of the brightwork items.

This guitar has a very standard Emmons set up; 3×4 with E’s on the left but I’ll be happy to switch it to Day style, (or your own copedent) at no extra charge (as long as no additional parts are required). The Emmons single coil pickup is wound to about 18K ohms. The guitar plays great, has that distinctive Emmons push-pull bell-like tone and wonderful sustain! Included is a nice leg/pedal rod bag and the original Wade Thomas hard case.

$3000.00 plus shipping. PayPal (add 3%) or cashier’s check accepted.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Coming Soon: (not quite ready to post for sale yet) Update: December 13, 2018

Here is an idea of some of the guitar projects I currently have in stock that I’m going to be working on soon.


I plan to build one Emmons gloss black mica D-10 push-pull guitar and one red lacquer S-10 Emmons push-pull guitar.

I’ve also recently acquired a gloss black mica Emmons S-10 “Black Rock” push-pull guitar with two original knee levers. I plan to add two more OEM levers and do some TLC on it prior to taking photos and posting it for sale.

I’ve acquired a 1978 red mica Emmons D-10 push-pull guitar that I intend to completely restore. This one has a tremendous amount of ownership history! It was originally owned by Chris “Tiny” Olson, who played it on several Gene Watson hits!!

I’ve also acquired a 1996 mahogany mica Emmons SD-10 LeGrande III 3×5. I plan to add a 4th pedal with the Franklin change on it and revise the setup to standard Emmons. I’ll be posting it for sale as soon as time permits.