Guitars Currently For Sale

Please note: All of the guitars fully described and pictured below have been at a minimum; thoroughly gone over, lubricated and setup for years of dependable, smooth playing. Because all are set up with my standard Emmons copedent, I would not think twice about playing any of them myself on the bandstand. If there were any issues found, they were resolved and of course any worn parts have been replaced. As I’ve mentioned below, I’ll be happy to switch any guitars to Day style, (or your own copedent) at no extra charge (as long as no additional parts are required).


1970s  black  Little Buddy S-10 3×1 (Sold!)

This is an “entry-level”, student model guitar. It was built by the USA Guitar Co. and designed to be very affordable, allowing someone with a small budget to get started into playing the pedal steel guitar. As you can see, it’s is in nice condition overall. I did a considerable amount of work, along with a few improvements on this guitar. It was completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. I replaced the original inaccurate vinyl decal fret board with steel one from a Sho-Bud and upgraded the existing and essentially non-functioning knee lever with a new Sho-Bud lever. The low quality existing tuning machines were replaced with good quality Klusons from an Emmons guitar. The original aluminum legs were very flimsy. I replaced them with sturdy steel legs from an Emmons student model guitar, along with an Emmons pedal bar. I also made the new rear legs adjustable (in case of an uneven floor). I added a length of aluminum angle along the back side of the front apron to add some extra rigidity to the cabinet. I just finished installing new strings along with a thorough setup and lube, so it’s now ready to play.

This guitar has a “pull-release” style changer and has a standard Emmons ABC pedal set up; 3×1 (with the single knee lever lowering string eight to Eb and string two to D).  Rather than lower string four to Eb, you simply play string two (already tuned to Eb) just like Lloyd Green does! Lowering string two to D provides an open dominant 7th chord in the mid to upper register (with strings 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2). Included is a new leg/pedal rod bag and the original hard case that’s in good condition.

$700.00 plus shipping. PayPal (add 3%) or cashier’s check accepted.


Coming Soon: (not quite ready to post for sale yet) Update: July 3, 2020

Here is an idea of some of the guitar projects I currently have in stock that I’m going to be working on soon.


At the end of last year I acquired a black mica 1968 Emmons D-10 8×6 push-pull. It was in fairly good,  mostly original condition. I found out that one of the previous owners was the great Ed Black, a very well known and liked steel player from Southern California!  I’m currently in the process of doing a full restoration on this guitar.

Here are a few photos of it, in what was its’ prior condition: