Guitars Currently For Sale

Please note: All of the guitars fully described and pictured below have been at a minimum; thoroughly gone over, lubricated and setup for years of dependable, smooth playing. Because all are set up with my standard Emmons copedent, I would not think twice about playing any of them myself on the bandstand. If there were any issues found, they were resolved and of course any worn parts have been replaced. As I’ve mentioned below, I’ll be happy to switch any guitars to Day style, (or your own copedent) at no extra charge (as long as no additional parts are required).


2015 black mica all-pull Williams U-12 7×5 (Sale pending…)

This very late model 700 Series Williams guitar was just purchased from the original owner who seldom ever played it, so it’s still in excellent condition! Williams guitars are extremely well built, using modern, precision CNC equipment. Some of the features of this guitar are split-tuning and a triple raise/triple lower changer with the optional raise helper springs and lower return compensators. The pickup is a Jerry Wallace True Tone.








At the moment, this guitar has a very standard universal E9/B6 setup with an Emmons set up on the A, B and C pedals. Pedals four through seven are used to play in B6 mode with E’s on the right. I’ll be happy to switch it to Day style at no extra charge. I’ll also make reasonable changes to the existing copedent for free as long as you pay for any additional parts (if required).

Here is a link to the Williams web site with the E9 copedent chart that shows the existing setup on this guitar.

I’ve installed a lift kit, so the guitar now currently sits at standard height. If desired, It can be easily lowered to 1″ under standard. These guitars look, sound and play great and it’s ready to gig! Included is a cover, leg bag and the original factory ATA style road/flight case (with wheels) also in very nice condition.

A new Williams U-12 guitar equipped like this would be priced at $4195.00 but this one is virtually like new and there is no waiting.

$3200.00 plus shipping. PayPal (add 3%) or cashier’s check accepted.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


1999 gloss black mica all-pull JCH D-10 8×5 (Sale Pending…)

This is one of the very last guitars that the late Jimmy Crawford and John Hughey produced and utilizes the latest changer design (featuring raise helper springs). The letters JCH stand for Jenkins (Conway Twitty’s real name was Harold Jenkins), Crawford and Hughey. The serial number is 9903. You’ll notice that there are quite a few polished parts in the under carriage, so I feel the original owner must have paid a premium for this upgrade. This is a very smooth playing all-pull guitar, very similar in looks to an early Emmons Lashley LeGrande with 4 hole rod pullers. It’s an original (except for the pickups) un-restored guitar in very nice 9/10 condition. These are very desirable guitars with excellent playability and awesome tone! I believe Jimmy only produced between 200 – 300 guitars in total, so they are extremely rare and very hard to find, especially in this condition!

This guitar has a triple raise, tripple lower changer and split-tuning capability for every string. For example; using RKL (F#) and Pedal 2 (A) results with a tunable G note for the 6th string. I changed the strings, did a thorough detail, lube and a set-up, so it’s all dialed in and ready to gig!









This guitar has a very standard Emmons set up; 8×5 with E’s on the left but I’ll be happy to switch it to Day style, (or your own copedent) at no extra charge (as long as no additional parts are required). The Emmons single coil pickups are wound to about 19K ohms.

$4500.00 plus shipping. PayPal (add 3%) or cashier’s check accepted.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Coming Soon: (not quite ready to post for sale yet) Update: May 19, 2017 – Here is an idea of some of the guitars I’m working on, or will be soon. I’ve posed a couple of preview photos below of one of the guitars in its current condition. This year and into next, I plan to restore the 1970 Emmons D-10 push-pull guitar shown below and one 1993 Emmons satin walnut mica D-10 LeGrande II all-pull guitar. I also plan to build one Emmons gloss black mica D-10 and one gloss black mica S-10 Emmons push-pull guitar.


1970 black satin mica push-pull Emmons D-10 8×1 (Sale pending…)

(will be completely restored). This fat back cabinet guitar will have a standard 8×4 Emmons style copedent, unless it sells to someone wanting otherwise. As you can see in the photos below, it’s all original and unmodified, which is very hard to find in this day and age.